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Temporary Reach Solutions

A Cable Truss system provides up to 14′ of reach with 1,000 lbs capacity. The cable truss stand, or «upright», and wire rope assemblies pin to WINSAFE’s standard modular outrigger beam sections.

An optional Sliding Collar (Model WSH5) can be used to allow the suspension point to be adjusted after the beam has been put into position.

The optional Rolling Beam Trolley setup (traversing beam) provides a moving suspension point – ideal for working on sloped surfaces.

Flame cut longhorn or saddle style counterweights can be used.

Available Models

WSOR88 – 8′ reach

WSOR115 – 12′ reach

WSOR148 – 14′ reach

Traversing Beam

WSOR100 – Suspension Trolley

WSOR123 – Suspension Trolley Straps for 8′ & 12′ Cable Trusses

WSOR175 – Suspension Trolley Straps for 14′ Cable Truss

Eliminate the need to lug frame scaffolding to the rooftop!

Leave your beam stands at home!

WINSAFE’s Outrigger Davit provides quick, easy clearance over tall parapets of up to 8′ in height, while keeping the outrigger beam (and more importantly the counterweights) at a safer and more manageable rooftop level.

✔ Integrates seamlessly with WINSAFE’s modular outrigger beam system.

✔ The hinged vertical mast is easily tilted and pinned into position.

✔ Provides up to 4′ of reach and 1,000 lbs load capacity with a minimum 4:1 safety factor.

✔ Lightweight and durable aluminum and galvanized steel construction ensures years of trouble-free operation.

✔ Modular design offers superb ease of handling.

Available Model

WSOR208 – 102″ height

Custom mast heights can be made available by special request.

A Sliding Collar allows adjustment of the position of the suspension point without moving the beam.

When working on confined roof tops, the optional sliding collar gives you the flexibility of moving the suspension point.

Available Model

WSH5 – Sliding Collar

WINSAFE’s steel frame Beam Dollies feature two-piece galvanized steel construction and pivoting dual 10″ flat-free locking wheels with bearings that roll easily and spread the load over a larger surface.

✔ Accepts 4″ X 4″ and 4″ X 6″ beams

✔ Adjustable height provides up to 48″ roof clearance.

✔ Accommodates saddle style weights; counterweight holders for flame cut longhorn style weights available.

✔ Weighs 94 lbs.

Available Models

SP238 – Beam Dolly

Available accessories include:

SP485 – Longhorn Counterweight Support (Pair)