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Outrigger Beams

WINSAFE’s Modular Outrigger Beam systems are second to none when it comes to temporary suspension rigging options. The basis for both our standard 1,000 lbs capacity or our larger 1500 Series with 1,500 lbs capacity is our proprietary aluminum box beam extrusion.

A basic Modular Outrigger Beam can provide reaches of up to 5 ft; Cable Truss systems can offer up to 16 ft. Overhangs can also be accommodated using this fully engineered and tested system.

Light 8 ft lengths are easy to carry and pin together at site. The tubular beam cross-section is more resistant to lateral deflection and twist than comparable «I» sections. Modular outrigger beams cost about the same as making your own out of aluminum I-beams.

The standard internal splice joins the sections together quickly and easily using tethered connector pins – no splice plates, no nuts and bolts, no wrenches, and no lost parts. Each front, back and mid beam section weighs only 32 lbs. Easy to carry, and easy to handle in corridors and elevators.

The suspension cables are hooked to a drop forged link. This has two advantages – the link moves out of the way for easy handling when transporting or storing the beams, and it is very strong. The link has a working strength of 4,200 lbs and an ultimate strength of 25,200 lbs.

Both flame cut «longhorn» and cast «saddle» style weights can be used with this system. Various length longhorn bars are available that pass through a matching hole in the rear of a longhorn style rear beam. The machined slot on the rear of a saddle style rear beam will accept up to 7 weights, with a holder available that sits in the slot and runs perpendicular to the beam, accommodating an additional 12 more.

9′ beam sections provide amazing stability with a 1500 lb capacity and a 54″ reach Allows for the use of a larger platform with higher capacity hoists while keeping the convenience and ease of our WINSAFE’s standard outrigger beams Splicer adapter makes it possible to combine 1000 and 1500 outrigger beams for added flexibility