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Permanent Reach Solutions

WINSAFE has a wide range of systems to provide any reach required for permanently installed systems. Whether it is using our davits or a BMU, we have the knowledge and experience necessary to achieve the reaches required on your project.

WINSAFE Davit Arm is comprised of two pieces – a boom and a mast. Davit Arm corners with manual trolley, Davit turning bracket and Davit Wheel Assembly for worker convenience for moving around during operation. The purpose of the Davit System is to attach Boatswain chair, Powered Platform and Ground rigging operations for Window washing and façade maintenance.


A Davit Winch assembly is a device attached to the mast and anchored to the socket for lifting and descending of the davit arm assembly. The purpose of the winch is to assist and facilitate a safe solution for lifting of a heavy davit arm in the operating position, which would typically not be possible by an operator/window washer.

Using the winch, the davit assembly is raised to upright position. Once upright, the pins that come with the Davit Assembly are engaged to lock the mast to the socket. The lifting winch system can be disassembled and removed from the davit arm assembly once the davit is upright and pinned in place, which allows you to use it to lift and descend multiple davit arms on the same roof level.

Pedestals are designed in many size(s) and shape(s). There are three different types of Davit Pedestals.

✔ Pedestal to receive boit on Davit Socket

✔ Pedestal with Permanent Socket

✔ Pedestal for Portable Socket

Connectivity of the Davit Pedestal to structure may vary upon type of structure. Following are some different type of connections:

✔ Pedestal – Through bolted to Concrete Structure DP01

✔ Pedestal – Welded to structure DP02

✔ Pedestal – Bolted to anchor cage DP03

✔ Pedestal – Bolted to steel structural beam DP04

✔ Pedestal – Drilled in rods DP05

✔ Pedestal – Cast-ln DP06

WINSAFE can modify their products to meet site conditions.

Davit socket is designed to receive Davit Arm. There are three different types of Davit Socket;

✔ Davit Socket boit on to Davit Pedestal

✔ Pedestal c/w welded Davit Socket

✔ Portable Davit Socket

The Roof Mounted Motorized Davit Carriage system is a single unit permanent façade maintenance solution stationed on the roof top of a building structure, strictly used for window cleaning and light maintenance. The platform is suspended from two primary wire ropes and is fitted with two secondary wire ropes to arrest and support the platform in the event of a failure in the primary system.

The Davit Carriage System consists of the following two main sub-assemblies:

  1. Carriage: used as a means of transporting the system
  2. Davit Arm: Assemblies for Primary and Secondary Suspension of a Powered Platform
    The platform for the carriage is not a main subassembly of the carriage as it can be a Modular Rental Work Platform or Permanent Powered Work Platform, depending on the project scope of work. The work platform would be used as a safe means of access for workers to perform Façade and light work maintenance

The roof carriage is designed and engineered with one of the following means of transportation:

  1. Guided Tracks: Installed along the perimeter of the roof to access the exterior face of the building
  2. Wheels: Installed on the carriage to move freely on the roof.
  3. Hybrid: a combination of option a and b.

The various methods of transportation of the carriage system allows the powered platform to make all the service drops needed along selected facades of the building. Regardless of the roof type, whether sloped, straight, or multiple curves and turns, WINSAFE is ready to offer a solution to suit your façade maintenance needs.

Standard roof mounted machines can be supplied to fit various track gauges and types. Mast height and reach are also variable to suit the particular application. A study of each individual building application by Tractel’s design office in consultation with the architect makes it possible to define a machine which is exactly right in terms of the:

✔ length of boom required to access the various locations of the building,

✔ lifting height required to cover the access areas.