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Gantries (Rolling Ladders)

When conventional means of access are not allowed, such as zero contact with the surface, WINSAFE Gantry systems with a rolling ladder provide unique solutions to those structures and buildings.

Rolling ladders can have manual or powered platforms, reaching the various points of the fa├žade or roof. Systems include platforms with guardrails, ladders with elevating work cages, folding platforms, enclosed ladders and low visibility ladders.

Ladders, mounted vertically or inclined, travel on special trackways. The rubber tread rollers are designed to run on various surfaces and the ladders can be supplied with fixed, modular or folding guard rails, with circular guard rails for vertically mounted ladders. The rail and platform systems for atriums are supplied with specially designed aluminum profiles to suit the working conditions. Open meshed floor panels blend well with the structure of the building. Guardrails may be fixed, modular or folding depending on the architectural requirements. The finish for travelling ladders and platforms is anodized or painted, to match the colour of the roof structure.