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  • Optimum Single Unit solution for buildings of any height.
  • Engineered for hard to reach and complicated architectural features.
  • Full control and operation capabilities of Machine from the WINSAFE® Cradle.
    • Extendable Horizontal movement using Telescopic Jib.
    • Rotational movement of the WINSAFE® Mast and Platform using the slewing rings.
    • Out of sight design using Telescopic Mast or Hydraulic Cylinder for Luffing of Jib.
  • WINSAFE® platforms are available in modular and telescopic sections that adapt to façades and unique building designs.

For a successful connection to a building structure, WINSAFE’s® BMU may be installed in the following two ways depending on the building requirements and design:

  1. Static Unit – Typically welded to a steel beam or embedded to a concrete pier
  2. A Traversing Unit – Mounted to a steel track which travels using a rolling trolley system

To ensure WINSAFE designs an optimal & cost saving solution, preliminary collaboration is required with the architectural and structural designers of WINSAFE to reduce structural impact and provide an optimal façade access solution using a BMU.