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Window Washing Access Equipment

Versatile height access systems for window cleaning

Window Washing Access Equipment

WINSAFE’s temporary and permanent suspended access solutions provide the highest quality of height access for window washing. We offer a wide range of platform and rigging equipment options to work on any rooftop or atriums in order to access any facade that requires cleaning or maintenance.

Window Cleaning and Maintenance Made Reliable and Secure

High and low-rise buildings require regular window cleaning and maintenance (replacing glass panels, inspecting the façade, etc.) that can be expensive and potentially dangerous if not executed properly with the right equipment for your building. Our unique window washing access products are specially engineered to offer a more lightweight façade access that requires less equipment and labour to operate. A flexible and effective access solution can reduce costs and improve security while working at heights.

We offer complete in-house design, engineering, project management, fabrication and testing. Our skilled team, modern production equipment and detailed quality control throughout each step in the manufacturing process ensure that you receive the highest quality product.

Our 16,000-square-foot production facility, located in Woodstock, Ontario, features a 2-acre mockup and test area. The facility is proudly ISO 9001 registered and CWB certified for welding in both steel and aluminum.

We look forward to working with you on your next project. Contact us today.

Safe and Innovative Suspended Access Equipment for Window Cleaners

Whether you are a general contractor, rental dealer or building owner, WINSAFE offers a range of custom-engineered equipment for window cleaning at height. Our innovative and versatile window washing solutions are designed with the most complex façade access challenges in mind for maximum safety of workers and building occupants.

Davit Systems for Suspended Window Washing Access

WINSAFE can provide a permanent Davit Arm System customized for the specific conditions of your building. Our Davit Systems provide safe and effective suspension for platforms and other equipment used for window cleaning on building façades.

BMU for Window Cleaning and Façade Maintenance

Whether you need to clean windows, perform maintenance work or replace glass panels, WINSAFE’s BMU (Building Maintenance Units) are engineered for hard-to-reach and complex architectural features.

Suspended Access Platforms

The SuperMod modular suspended platform system provides an unmatched level of strength, flexibility and security for your window washing applications.

Trust WINSAFE for Window Washing Height Access

Are you interested in equipping your building with a safe and efficient access system that facilitates your window washing applications, using our industry-leading equipment for general contracting or renting out our height access systems?  We invite you to contact our team for more information. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

Whether for working at heights and fall protection or facade access for maintenance and construction, Winsafe guarantees all safety systems and products are engineered to go above and beyond applicable OSHA legislation and industry standards.