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Power Generation Access Equipment

Efficient access systems for everyday power plant maintenance

Power Plant Access Systems

WINSAFE has a proud history of providing comprehensive power generation maintenance systems that provide the right type of access system to suit the project needs of your application. Our company is an innovator of large area work platforms such as our Boiler Maintenance Work Platforms (BMWP) that provide unmatched access to large power plant boilers.

Secure and Efficient Power Plant Maintenance

Our line of power generation access equipment is specially designed to provide maximum security and efficiency when accessing power generation areas such as the inside of boilers or the outer face of hydro dams. WINSAFE work platforms will help you reduce your overall scaffolding requirement, downtime and outages.

Safe and Innovative Power Generation Access Products

Whether you are a general contractor, rental dealer or electrical and industrial utility end user, WINSAFE offers a range of custom-engineered access equipment for power plant maintenance work. Our unique and innovative products provide access solutions that are lighter and require less equipment and labour. We offer a wide variety of one-of-a-kind power generation access equipment.

Boiler Maintenance Work Platforms (BMWP)

WINSAFE’s Boiler Maintenance Work Platform is the ideal solution for power plant boiler maintenance, providing a robust support base for scaffolding and access systems to maintain and repair the boiler nose and upper furnace areas. We can provide unmatched experience and technical support in adapting this platform to suit your boiler maintenance requirements.

Boiler Access Products

Our Boiler Access Products include maintenance work platforms featuring modular designs for multi-configuration flexibility. Our work platforms are easily transportable and most can be installed in a single work shift, offering significant cost and time savings when compared to traditional scaffolding.

Dam and Penstock Access Platforms

WINSAFE has experience developing a wide variety of access systems for work on dams and waterways. From the outer face to the inside of penstocks; we have provided specialized platforms and support systems that allow the required work to be done safely, quickly and effectively wherever it is required. Final assembly testing of the platforms ensures successful installation and operation in the field.

Trust WINSAFE for Power Plant Access Solutions

WINSAFE offers no-cost proposal drawings and quotes, on-site consultations and demonstrations, turnkey installation services, on-site training and an unmatched after-sales service. Contact our team today for more information. We will be happy to answer all your questions.