PoleJack / PoleJack

WINSAFE's patented PoleJack is the first true advancement in pump jacks. Operating much like today's mast climbing platforms, the PoleJack climbs with interlocked engagement pins. An independent safety brake system is provided to engage and lock the jack to the pole in the event of a failure in the primary operating mechanism.

The PoleJack system can be configured with pole heights ranging from 16 ft to 40 ft, and platforms ranging from 24 ft to 32 ft in length. Supporting braces for the poles can be installed on either the wall face or the roof.

Available accessories include:

  • Pole braces (basic and telescopic for greater mounting flexibility)
  • Pole base anchors
  • Work bench brackets
  • Back rail ladders/work benches
  • Platform end rails
  • Portable back rail/guardrail assemblies
  • Back rail tarps

Operating Instructions