Modular Suspended Platforms / SuperMod

The SuperMod modular suspended platform system is simply the strongest, safest system on the market today. A modular approach with maximium flexibility ensures that there is always a stage configuration available that will suit your application.


Straight Platforms

  • Lengths of up to 48', 9" (longer configurations can be made using a hinge section and three hoists).
  • Section lengths of 1/2 M, 1 M, 2M and 3 M let you build a platform to suit your needs.

Cantilever Platforms

  • Lengths of up to 62', 3" with walk-through stirrups.
  • Maximum separation for the stirrups is 48', 9".
  • Maximum cantilever is 2 M beyond the stirrups.

Corner Platforms

  • Platforms with 30, 45, 60 and 90 degree angles can be built with SuperMod using the hinged corner frame, drop-in truss, floor and handrail frame set.

U-Shaped Platforms

  • With the hinge section and four stirrups, it is possible to build a platform that will surround three sides of a structure.

Circular Platforms

  • Using three walk-through stirrups and eight 45 degree corner sections, you can build a circular platform.


SuperMod is built in North America for North American conditions – stronger trusses, and stronger connectors make a smooth riding, long lasting platform.

  • Steel U-frames provide a rigid frame and steel stirrups have the strength to take jobsite conditions. Steel has 1/3 the flex of aluminum, providing a more rigid, better riding platform.
  • The aluminum trusses weigh about the same as European trusses, but the toebaord is two inches shorter. The extra material is used in the bottom chord, making it twice as thick as the competition.

Add-on's include:

  • Platform hinge section
  • Oversized stirrups for larger body casing hoists
  • Bumper rollers (6" wide, 6" wide multi-fit, 12" wide, 15" "boat bumper", handrail mount, extendable)
  • Swivel casters
  • Adjustable incline rollers and incline stirrups for working on sloped surfaces
  • Manual wire winders

Available Standard Items
Operating Instructions - Basic SuperMod
Operating Instr - Incl Accessories SuperDeck BoilerMod
Capacity Spreadsheet - End Stirrups
Capacity Spreadsheet - C Stirrups
Capacity Worksheet